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When Melody Brooke, 57, of Richardson, Texas, divorced her husband 30 years ago, she didn’t just lose her spouse, she also lost her best friend: her mother-in-law."She stopped calling and stopped talking to me," she says.Paying on your own Even if not divorced, older adults can be vulnerable financially in today's economy. "You end up with only half of what you had when you were married, and half can feel like nothing," says Ginita Wall, a San Diego CPA and certified divorce financial analyst."Keep in mind that many consequences of divorcing later in life revolve around one fact: less time to recover financially, recoup losses, retire debt and ride the waves of booms and busts," says Janice Green, an Austin, Texas, family law attorney and author of Divorce After 50.Within this process framework, a greater appreciation for the differential effects of divorce and application of treatment has been achieved.This paper will review present conceptualizations of the impact of divorce on children's adjustment, literature pertinent to treatment outcome, and suggestions to optimize intervention.The surge has spawned the term "gray divorce." As Jay Lebow, a psychologist at the Family Institute at Northwestern University, says, "If late-life divorce were a disease, it would be an epidemic." One out of three boomers will face older age unmarried, says Susan Brown, codirector of the National Center for Family & Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University in her new study "The Gray Divorce Revolution." That's significant.The fact that onetime legally bound partners have gone their separate ways later in life — or are single by choice or circumstances — has many personal and societal ramifications.

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While the overall divorce rate in the United States has decreased since 1990, it has doubled for those over age 50.They use their time apart for some solitude or getting together with local friends.What surprised these two was that they had already hit upon the solution – to continue their current lifestyle permanently . I asked my divorced friend what was the happiness secret for her subsequent marriage which lasted twenty years.There is a new trend after divorce when getting remarried, which is each person keeps their own home.Some divorced folks whose subsequent marriages are in their second decade or so, claim living apart is their secret to marital satisfaction.

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