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"Harry knows exactly where to stay on a trip like this," our source says, "and he's also worked closely with a trusted tour guide who has helped with arrangements and organizing excursions.""There may be some luxury but there will be a big element of daring stuff, too," the source explains.

Meghan and Harry traveled to Okavango Delta, one of Botswana's last remaining great wildlife habitats.

The San tribe were the principal tribe of this region and were perfectly adapted to the very arid environment that Botswana is prone to in the winter, and heavy floods and rains in the summer.

Predominantly hunter-gatherers, the San tribe also grazed livestock around the Pan regions of Nxai and Makgadikgadi; during earlier days these Pans became dramatic lakes supplied by a variety of rivers and therefore providing a fresh supply of water for grazing stock.

I volunteer to clean up parks, so I’m grateful when guides go above and beyond to keep animals safe.

As we drove toward the lodge, he pointed out various wildlife: baboons, giraffes, and elephants. She made sure that every moment spent at the lodge ran smoothly.

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