Bpd ultrasound dating table

SGA is defined as growth at the 10th or less percentile for weight of all fetuses at that gestational age.

Not all fetuses that are SGA are pathologically growth restricted and, in fact, may be constitutionally small.

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This functional definition seeks to identify a population of fetuses at risk for modifiable but otherwise poor outcomes.

This definition intentionally excludes of fetuses that are small for gestational age (SGA) but are not pathologically small.

This information should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or disease.

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Pregnancy Tests Schedule and quick guide to some of the routine tests used in pregnancy.

The remaining 20% of fetuses that are SGA are intrinsically small secondary to a chromosomal or environmental etiology.

A normal pregnancy lasts 280 days from your LMP which is about 266 days from conception to birth.

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