Dating a married man book a married man…put things bluntly, This is BAD and you should NOT do it!

There are just too many complications and society will never accept your relationship.

If he ever does move beyond the victim role and becomes free and clear — and if you are still available — then perhaps give this a second look.

After recognizing that when it comes to love, many of their female friends prefer hearing advice from men with varying relationship statuses rather than from other women, eight close guy friends from New York City (some married, some single, one divorced) came together to try to make that conversation happen on a much broader scale. Inside they attempt to answer all of the relationship questions their single girlfriends have ever most asked for their opinions on from all of the necessary perspectives—you know, single, married and it's complicated?

In my opinion and experience, women who date married men are usually insecure and think that they cannot get a better man!

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These Are Real Feelings Not Facts The guys are very open about their feelings in every chapter, but they want you to remember that they are just that.

Dating a Married man has too many complications and society will never accept your relationship.

There are millions of good looking, kind, SINGLE men in the world – so it’s not that you don’t have options.

Dating 54 men in nine months is an impressive feat.

For photographic artist Natasha Caruana, it was also an art project, as the London-based creative set herself that exact challenge to find out how technology is defining relationships today.

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