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Peggy is soon pretending to be on-half of the perfect couple among New England's WASPy set on the weekends, while keeping her marriage a secret during the week.

If you're headed to the beach, this is definitely one to pick up!

Worth reading once but not likely to be a favorite. I found the plot incredibly predictable and some of the dialogue unoriginal.

Girl accidentally marries guy and they make a go of it...marries guy under false pretenses but finds that he's 'the one' and she falls for him anyway and her intentions turn true..predictable and hokey.

Peggy and Luke agree to get an annulment ASAP -- and then receive an offer they can't refuse...

Luke's eccentric great-aunt Abigail offers the two of them the chance to make millions on the family estate; All they have to do is stay married for a year.

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    When the person(s) first moved in, maybe you thought the way they stayed up all night binge-watching House of Cards was fun. But once you realized you needed to be working, going to the gym, or sleeping, instead, and discovered that your roommate’s glued to the couch all the time (not just now and then), you realized the truth: you’ve outgrown each other.

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