Holly and fearne go dating episode 1

In the six-part series, Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton embarked on a mission in each episode to each find an ideal match for one of love's losers.The show ended with a dinner date at the Hell's Kitchen restaurant in London.Fearne chose cool patterned trousers paired with a pink blouse, while Holly opted for this fab floral dress from Topshop Unique.We love the summery vibe and the handkerchief hemline that is bang-on trend this season.The pals watched a clip from their 2007 show Holly & Fearne Go Dating, in which they paired up couples in Hell's Kitchen restaurant although they admitted to drinking during filming.Holly's friendship with Fearne dates back a whopping 17 years, after they met while launching their TV careers, after which they won an array of co-presenting jobs, most memorably their ongoing roles on Celebrity Juice.Where to countdown Holly And Fearne Go Dating air dates? Holly And Fearne Go Dating is presented by Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby.

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Games like Gino’s fingering chair, Jump Or Spunk, and Spot The Golden Potato have arrived back on ITV 2 for a fresh series of Keith Lemon’s panel show and we for one are ruddy excited.uk sat down with Keith Lemon to learn what he keeps under that desk (booze), who he prefers out of Holly and Fearne (a surprising answer) and just what Magnet Penis is. Keith Lemon surprisingly doesn’t invent his filthy games ‘I’m here in an office where it looks there’s been a meeting about Celebrity Juice and from what I can see on the wall, it says something about animals singing, Joe Wicks squeezing, and Magnet Penis,’ he tells us.‘Normally I don’t know what’s going on, I just turn up and they go “we plan to play this.” ‘I’m really excited for Magnet Penis. ‘I’m only sober for Through The Key Hole and sketch shows because I have to remember lines.’ 4.I do know what that is because a couple of weeks ago we did a run through where someone had a pair of pants on with a magnet in it and we threw metal things at it.’ 2. He wants it to go wrong ‘The more wrong it goes the more right it feels.He’s usually drunk ‘Have I ever done a show after a few drinks? I go into Gino’s dressing room normally and we have about three bottles of beer, and then you drink throughout and have a drink afterwards. We practice playing the games but you can’t really go wrong.’ 5. Some celebs can be really badly behaved ‘I remember years ago we did a girly night special which I loved as it was all girls.

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