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Once, not so long ago, people thought little of Nothing.

They pretended Nothing ever happened when, in fact, Nothing was happening all around them.

Those who dared to ponder the Meaning of Nothing could not expect to be taken seriously.

But I love George’s difficulty in realizing that a beautiful woman is going out with him, so obsessed is he with the last short, bald, stocky man to attract her affections: the elusive Neil, who George thinks must be an exact clone of him, just with an extra feature like a top hat, monocle, or cane. For the first half of the episode, George is obsessing about Neil and hoping to meet him and thus doesn’t realize that Danielle (Chelsea Noble, who later appeared in the Left Behind films with her husband, Kirk Cameron) is inviting him to spend the night with her.

Things turn rather sharply for the last act, where George is not only actively dating Danielle, but tries to get one over Neil by asking her to move in and proposing marriage.

Kramer’s crazy idea of setting up a talk show in his living room, acting as if it were real and having guests on is tear-inducingly funny.

As an audience, we are introduced to a new way of defining a type of person (something that loved doing): the sidler.

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