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She told The Times: “I typed in ‘Who’s your best friend?

’ and he replied ‘Don’t show your insecurities.’ That sounded like him.“It’s not about pretending someone is alive.

Instead, though, we were sent to the homepage and given the option to watch the Australian version of its “Feel Everything” ad in “Safe for Work,” “Feel Everything” or “Not Safe for Work” modes.

(In case you wondered—because we did—the main difference between “Feel Everything” and “Not Safe for Work” is that the latter has similar quick-shots of passionate lovemaking, except with more ass-grabbing.

In the event that you feel weird about pillow-talking a robot, the bot’s kind enough to offer you a ready-made phrase.

The voice analyzer is meant to be a promotion for its newest Unknown Pleasure collection, a grab-bag of warming, cooling, tingling, textured and even cocktail-flavored condoms.

As a result, when the 29-year old Ms Kuyda or one of her friends chats to the bot, it responds in a similar vein to how Mr Mazurenko would talk through text.

Ms Kuyda says bots like this will help people with the grieving process, and says that the bot does indeed sound like her late friend.

It’s about accepting it and thinking and talking about it, and not staying in denial.“Young people often don’t have a way to deal with death.

Increasingly, we don’t have the traditional rituals any more – you go to the funeral, then have to get back to work and get on with it – so I’d say that this use of technology is inevitable.”The programme has similarities to an episode of Charlie Brooker’s futuristic TV show Black Mirror, in which a grieving girlfriend downloads her late boyfriend’s personality to an AI cyborg.

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