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The process of puberty based on breast budding and pubic hair growth was completed at 15.58 ± 1.85 and 15.59 ± 1.8 years, respectively.

The average height at the onset of puberty (stage B2) among participants was 128 ± 28.79 cm and the average weight was 8.31 ± 36.47 kg.

“The fashion scene in Iran (especially the underground fashion scene) really took off after economic sanctions were imposed against Iran,” Iranian-American fashion blogger Hoda Katebi tells Racked.“I don’t want to publicize any names of underground fashion designers for worry that their accounts might be shut down.So I’ll just say that there is a lot to be excited about.” Persian women, in particular, became the queens of both online shopping and slaying the style game on Instagram.Conclusions: Among our patients, the mean ages of onset of puberty indicated by breast budding (B2 stage) and by pubic hair growth (P2 stage) were 10.8 ± 1.48 and 10.79 ± 1.64 years, respectively.Compared to the data from healthy Iranian girls, our findings indicate that the mean age of pubertal onset among schoolgirls with disabilities is slightly higher than that of their healthy counterparts.

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